The University has an annual membership to Pivot/Proquest, which combines the most comprehensive, editorially maintained database of funding opportunities worth an estimated $44 billion with a unique database of 3 million pre-populated scholar profiles.

Pivot has two primary functions:

  1. The Funding Opportunities Database contains approximately 23,000 different federal, private, and corporate opportunities for research, education and training projects. Within this database, approximately 25% of the opportunities pertain to the humanities and the social sciences.
  2. The Expertise Database is a first person searchable database with approximately 500,000 profiles of faculty at member universities.

Researchers are encouraged to register with Pivot, which features an email alert service that can be customized to target each faculty member’s particular areas of interest. Faculty members will receive weekly alerts of all new funding opportunities in their area of expertise entered into the Pivot Funding Opportunities database during the prior week. Faculty members that are accessing Pivot for the first time should do so through a Georgetown University computer. Subsequent access can be done from any computer. Pivot is provided jointly by the Provost’s Office and the Office of the Dean of Research free of charge. Researchers are encouraged to contact the Office of Research Services (ORS) if they require assistance with the funding alert or any other feature.