GU faculty lead special BMJ issue on migration and health

April 16, 2021

Four Georgetown faculty members were part of an international team of social scientists that collaborated to publish a special issue of the British Medical Journal’s BMJ Global Health on migration and health.  SFS and STIA Professor Emily Mendenhall co-edited the volume, with contributions from Professors Denise Brennan (Anthropology) and Katharine Donato (SFS and Sociology, and director of ISIM), and Associate Professor Lahra Smith (SFS and director of the Africa Studies Program).  Migrants embark on their journeys with high hopes, but invariably face huge challenges, not least with regard to their health status and health care.  This special issue emphasizes the social context in which health policy must be deployed, predicated on the concept of cura personalis, if the challenges of migration are to be met.