Guidelines & Processes

“Pre-Award,” defines the roles of the Office of Research Services (ORS) and the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations during the proposal development and submission process. It contains information relevant to the proposal phase, e.g., the identification of funding opportunities, proposal preparation, review and clearance, a budget checklist of expenses frequently charged to grants, FAQs and training classes. This section also includes information on applicable University fringe benefit and indirect cost rates that must be incorporated into proposals as well as compliance numbers frequently requested by external sponsors.

“Post-Award” contains information that is pertinent after receipt of an award notice. It discusses “Managing the Award,” i.e., the first actions or next steps to be taken by the PI after receipt of an award along with general guidance on how to manage the award throughout the period of performance. It also contains important information on what activities must take place if a grant funded Principal Investigator (PI) leaves the University and either wishes to transfer the grant to the next institution or wishes to relinquish control so that it can remain at GU.

The “Main Campus Research” page is an excellent narrative of the entire award cycle and process from proposal preparation through award administration and closeout.

The “Negotiation Issues” page is an in-depth description of the issues that the Office of Research Services (ORS) must negotiate at time of award to ensure that the PI and the University receive the most favorable terms.