Budget Template

The Main Campus Research Service Center offers a standard budget template (see link below) for PIs to use when creating proposals for submission. This template is meant to standardize proposal budgets to the greatest extent possible and to aid PIs in creating their budgets.

Our new budget template includes many different categories of expenses, but we've endeavored to automate as much of the calculation as possible (especially for the salaries, travel, participant support costs, and other direct costs categories). PIs need only fill out the white cells in the template for these categories of expenses, and the template will automatically calculate future expenses, as well as such standard costs as fringe and indirect costs. As a result of this effort, these expenses will remain level across the years of the budget, increasing only at the rate of the automatic cost of living adjustment included in the budget.

For asymmetrical expenses within a budget category over various years of the award, the PI will need to overwrite the formula in each of the future years' cells and enter their budget information directly. For example, let's say that a PI wants one month summer salary in year one, but two months in year two. Using the automation inherent in this template, the budget would automatically calculate one month summer salary over both years of the award or two months over both years. In order to specify different levels of summer salary expenses over the years of the award, the PI will need to enter their summer salary information directly into the appropriate cells.

Click here to download (save) the Budget Template (2014) (.xls format)