Emeritus Faculty Non-Competitive Grant-In-Aid

The Emeritus Faculty Non-Competitive Grant-in-Aid program supports new and ongoing research costs for emeriti faculty who were formerly full-time members of the Main Campus teaching faculty.

AMOUNT: Each award is considered taxable income and therefore will be processed in the amount of $500 for a net cash value of $400 after taxes.

ELIGIBILITY: Emeriti faculty of the Main Campus teaching faculty

PURPOSES: Funds may be used for research materials, conference registration fees, costs for research assistance, and subventions for scholarly manuscripts. As the research needs of the faculty are various, requests for support for other research-related purposes also will be considered.

APPLICATION: funding requests should be submitted to John Pierce (piercej@georgetown.edu) Secretary of the GUARFS  Executive Council, with a cc’ to Professor Sara Hager (hagers@georgetown.edu), GUARFS President, for consideration by its Executive Council.

Grants are awarded for the period July 2 to June 28 of a given fiscal year. Applications are due April 1.

For additional information regarding the GUARFS, please visit the website at: http://emeriti.georgetown.edu/ (new window).