Faculty Research Awards Competition

The Office of the Provost is pleased to solicit nominations from members of the Main Campus tenure-line faculty for its 2019 Faculty Research Awards.  Two different awards are available:

Career Research Achievement:  Honors the contributions of a scholar to her/his field over the course of a career.  The basis of this award is the standing which the faculty member enjoys in his or her scholarly discipline.  Nominations should be accompanied by evidence that the nominees’ work is recognized as distinguished and influential well beyond the Georgetown community.  Moreover, nominees should be at a stage in their career appropriate for an assessment of long term contributions and influence.  Normally, only one of these awards will be made each year and this prize can be received once by any single individual.

Distinguished Achievement in Research:  Recognizes a single distinguished achievement in scholarship and research.  We do not wish to impose excessive limits on the kinds of achievements suitable for recognition. However, the types of achievement envisaged include the winning of a prestigious book prize, the receipt of distinguished awards from one’s peers, or the receipt of a major center grant. It is expected that such achievements will be relatively recent, certainly within the last five years.  Junior as well as senior faculty may be nominated for this award.  A maximum of one award per year will be made. If circumstances warrant, this award can be received more than once. 

Nominations made to either program remain active for three years (or two beyond the year in which the nomination is made) unless the individual is selected for an award in a given year.

Each recipient will receive a $10,000 cash prize, an award, and presentation and recognition at a University-wide Ceremony in the Fall.  The most valuable prize, however, will be the recognition of achievement awarded by colleagues.

Eligibility:  only Main Campus tenure-line faculty may be nominated for either award.

Nomination process:  Ordinary members of the Main Campus faculty should submit their nominations for either award to the Office of the Provost via internalgrants@georgetown.edu.

The nominating officials/departments should provide a letter of nomination, a current version of the candidate’s vita, up to two additional letters from prominent scholars in the field of the candidate, and scholarly materials sufficient to allow evaluation of his/her merits. Nominators and supporting letters should explain the significance of awards or honors that the candidate has received. Occasionally more than one member in a department or unit is eligible and can be nominated.  The materials should be submitted to the Internal Grants email address at internalgrants@georgetown.edu; Hard copy materials such as books or journals can be submitted directly to the Vice Provost for Research.  Supporting materials from other individuals or institutions may also be submitted to internalgrants@georgetown.edu.    

Review process:  Recipients of both awards will be selected by the Faculty Research Awards Committee.  The Committee has the option of declining to make either or both of the awards in a given year if, in its judgment, no nomination is sufficiently compelling.

Deadline: April 20, 2020

2019 Recipients of the Faculty Research Awards

Distinguished Achievement in Research Award: Adam Rothman, Professor of History

Adam Rothman of Georgetown’s History Department, was awarded the 2019 Distinguished Achievement in Research Award for his book Beyond Freedom’s Reach: A Kidnapping in the Twilight of Slavery (Harvard University Press).

The book portrays emancipation in the U.S. Civil War by telling the story of a slave woman’s determination to be reunited with her kidnapped children, held in Cuba by their former owner.

Beyond Freedom’s Reach has won a number of prestigious awards already, each one of which is noteworthy in itself.  It has cemented Adam’s national reputation as a leading historian of slavery and emancipation, which has been built on a series of scholarly achievements, as well as his leading role as a member of the Georgetown Working Group on Slavery, Memory, and Reconciliation.

Adam’s work resulted in his appointment last Fall as the Distinguished Visiting Scholar at the Kluge Center of the Library of Congress.  This highly selective program attests to Adam’s stature in the field, and the contribution his work has made to our understanding of slavery and its enduring legacy.

Career Achievement in Research Award: Alison Mackey, Professor of Linguistics

Alison Mackey was awarded the 2019 Career Research Achievement Award, in recognition of 25 years of research in second language acquisition.  Since tenure, in addition to scholarly articles and book chapters, she has published about a book a year.
According to one colleague: “[w]ithout a doubt, Professor Mackey is a major leader in the field of second language acquisition, and is regarded as one of the most significant senior scholars within the discipline of Applied Linguistics.  It is impossible to find an article or book that deals with her areas of research where her work is not cited prominently.  Simply put, her work over the past 25 years is outstanding, and continues to be highly influential.”

Alison has both discovered truths through her research, but also developed new research methodologies that allow others to make follow her lead – as another colleague put it, she has taught “the field how to do the type of research that gets the best results.”  Her contributions have thus defined the field, rather than simply adding to it.

Alison’s other contribution to the field has been to literally populate it with her students, many of whom have gone on to extremely successful academic careers.

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