Junior Faculty Research Fellowship

The Junior Faculty Research Fellowship Program provides one semester of leave time to non-tenured/tenure-track members of the Main Campus tenure-line faculty at the Assistant Professor level. The junior faculty member is granted a semester of release from teaching, at full pay, to focus on completing research that will contribute to a forthcoming tenure and promotion application.

As of the 2013-14, Junior Faculty Research Fellowships will be automatically granted rather than reviewed by the Internal Grants Review Committee. Now considered part of the “hire package,” the fellowship is typically taken during the third or fourth year of tenure-eligible service at Georgetown and with the approval of the Department Chair and/or Dean. Further information regarding the change in leave policy for Junior Faculty is available at the following: https://georgetown.app.box.com/s/i9u85ev3f5jfj8o5m490

The preferred semester will be considered the approved period of leave and subject to change only in exceptional cases with the approval of the School Dean and the Vice Provost for Research. To facilitate academic planning, a formal request for the leave should be submitted to the Department Chair or next highest administrative authority by the first Friday in November of the preceding academic year.

PURPOSES: The Junior awards are designed to provide one semester of release time for research for untenured, tenure-track assistant professors normally in the middle stages of their appointments. The goal is to enable the substantial completion of work that will contribute to the evaluation of an application for tenure and promotion. The fellowship period is classified as a period of fully paid research leave, during which time the faculty receives regular departmental salary and benefits. Moreover, the period counts as a semester of service toward both the tenure probationary period and, by special arrangement, sabbatical eligibility. A Junior Faculty Research Fellowship may be held only once over the course of a junior faculty appointment.

Deadline: Friday, November 2, 2018