Junior Faculty Research Fellowship

The Junior Faculty Research Fellowship is automatically granted to tenure-line faculty on the tenure track as part of the “hire package.” This Fellowship provides one semester leave at full pay for full-time work on research with no responsibilities for teaching or service. The purpose is to enable the completion of work that will contribute to the evaluation of the application for tenure and promotion. The Fellowship typically is taken in the third or fourth year on the tenure track. 

A faculty member must request in writing to the department chair/program head/vice dean the desired semester for the leave as early as possible. This will provide time to plan to ensure that the courses normally taught by the faculty member are covered. More details of the request process can be found here.

The fellowship period counts as a semester of service toward both the tenure probationary period and sabbatical eligibility.

Application deadline: November 1, 2020

Final decision date: December 1, 2020