Limited Submission Opportunities

February Deadlines—

Sponsor: NASA
Program: Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR)
Goal: to establish research activities that will make significant contributions to NASA's strategic research and technology development priorities
Amount: Up to $750,000
Limited Submission: Jurisdictions responding to this Cooperative Agreement Notice (CAN) may submit up to two proposals.
Deadline: LOI due 2/13/2017; full application due March 16, 2017

Sponsor: NSF
Program: Inclusion across the Nation of Communities of Learners of Underrepresented Discoverers in Engineering and Science
Goal: to enhance U.S. leadership in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) discoveries and innovations focused on NSF's commitment to diversity, inclusion, and broadening participation
Amount: Up to $300,000
Limited Submission: An organization may serve as the lead institution on only one Design and Development Launch Pilot proposal.
Deadline: Preliminary proposal due 2/14/2017; full application due 5/16/2017.

Sponsor: NSF
Program: Cultivating Cultures for Ethical STEM (CCE STEM)
Goal: CCE STEM research projects will use basic research to produce knowledge about what constitutes responsible or irresponsible, just or unjust scientific practices and sociotechnical systems, and how to best instill students with this knowledge.
Amount: Up to $600,000
Limited Submission: Only one proposal may be submitted by an eligible organization in which a member of their organization serves as the PI.
Deadline: Full applications due 2/15/2017


March Deadlines—

Sponsor: HHS, NIH, NIAID
Program: Asthma and Allergic Diseases Cooperative Research Centers
Goal: to support centers that integrate clinical and basic research to conduct studies on the mechanisms underlying the onset and progression of diseases of interest, including asthma, rhinitis (allergic and non-allergic), chronic rhinosinusitis, atopic dermatitis, food allergy, and drug allergy.
Amount: up to $900,000
Limited Submission: one application per institution
Deadline: LOI due 3/3/2017; full application due April 3, 2017
Sponsor: U.S. Dept. of Energy Office of Science
Program: Plasma Science Facilities
Goal: to facilitate research and operation of, and/or construction of, intermediate-scale facilities for frontier plasma science research.
Amount: $300,000–$4,800,000
Limited Submission: No more than two applications (or pre-applications) will be accepted from one institution and an individual may participate as a Principal Investigator on one application only.
Deadline: pre-application due 3/3/2017; full application due 5/5/2017

Sponsor: HHS, NIH, NIDDK
Program: Silvio O. Conte Digestive Diseases Research Core Centers
Goal: to bring together basic and clinical investigators as a means to enhance communication, collaboration, and effectiveness of ongoing research related to digestive and/or liver diseases.
Amount: up to $750,000
Limited Submission: one application per institution
Deadline: Full proposal due 3/14/2017

Sponsor: HHS, NIH, NCATS
Program: CTSA Program Data to Health (CD2H) Coordinating Center (U24)
Goal: to support the activities of the CTSA Program in using data to translate discoveries to health benefit.
Amount: up to $3,500,000
Limited Submission: one application per institution
Deadline: LOI due 3/14/2017; full application due 4/17/2017

Sponsor: NSF Directorate for Education and Human Resources, Division of Undergraduate Education
Program: NSF Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Program (S-STEM)
Goal: to fund scholarships and to advance the adaptation, implementation, and study of effective evidence-based curricular and co-curricular activities that support recruitment, retention, transfer (if appropriate), student success, academic/career pathways, and graduation in STEM. 
Amount: up to $5,000,000
Limited Submission: An Institution may submit one proposal (either as a single institution or as subawardee or a member of a Collaborative Research project) from each constituent school or college that awards degrees in an eligible field.
Deadline: full proposal due 3/29/2017


April Deadlines—
Sponsor: Henry Luce Foundation
Program: Luce Fund in American Art
Goal: to support scholarly special exhibitions and their related publications that contribute significantly to the study of American art.
Amount: TBD
Limited Submission: one exhibition per organization
Deadline: LOI due 4/1/2017; full proposal due 6/15/2017

Sponsor: NSF
Program: Increasing the Participation and Advancement of Women in Academic Science and Engineering Careers (ADVANCE)
Goal: to increase the participation and advancement of women in academic science and engineering careers.
Amount: up to $1,000,000
Limited Submission: one proposal per institution
Deadline: preliminary proposal due 4/12/2017

Sponsor: NSF Directorate for Mathematical & Physical Sciences (MPS), Division of Astronomical Sciences (AST)
Program: Management and Operations of the Arecibo Observatory         
Goal: to manage and operate the multidisciplinary research and education facility, Arecibo Observatory.
Amount: up to $7,150,000
Limited Submission: one proposal per institution
Deadline: full proposal due 4/25/2017


May Deadlines—

Sponsor: Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
Program: Moore Inventor Fellowship
Goal: to identify outstanding inventors who harness science and technology to enhance the conduct of scientific research, strengthen environmental conservation, or improve the experience and outcomes of patient care.
Amount: Up to $600,000
Limited Submission: two nominations per university
Deadline: Nomination due 5/1/2017; full application due 8/30/2017

Sponsor: EPA Office of Environmental Education
Program: Environmental Education Training Program
Goal: to provide environmental education training and long-term support to education professionals across the U.S. to enable them to effectively teach about environmental issues. 
Amount: $2,175,500.
Limited Submission: Eligible institutions may be a member of a consortium in more than one application. However, such institutions may not apply as the sole applicant or as the lead institution in a consortium in more than one application.
Deadline: full proposal due 5/9/2017
Details: TBD [no open funding opportunities listed on EPA website whose deadlines are after 3/2/17]

Sponsor: DOJ Office of Justice Programs (OJP), Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA)
Program: The Price of Justice: Rethinking the Consequences of Justice Fines and Fees
Goal: to encourage and disseminate best practices for coordinated and appropriate justice system responses to justice-involved individuals' inability to pay fines, fees, and related charges, including eliminating unnecessary and unconstitutional confinement. 
Amount: up to $500,000
Limited Submission: For category 2: Only one application per lead applicant will be considered; however, a sub-recipient may be part of multiple proposals.
Deadline: full application due 5/12/2017

Sponsor: HHS, NIH, NIGMS
Program: Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (RISE)
Goal: to support educational activities that enhance the diversity of the biomedical, behavioral and clinical research workforce. 
Amount: TBD
Limited Submission: one application per institution
Deadline: full proposal due 5/25/2017

Sponsor: U.S. Department of State; Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (DRL)
Advancing Democracy, Human Rights, and Rule of Law in Pakistan
Goal: to advance democracy, human rights, and the rule of law in Pakistan
Amount: $500,000–$1,800,000
Limited Submission: two proposals per institution
Deadline: full application due 5/31/2017