Welcome to the Office of Research Services

The Office of Research Services, under the direction of Jesse Szeto, provides support for faculty in their pursuit and management of sponsored research opportunities.

Applications for externally sponsored research grants and contracts should be routed through GU-PASS for review, approval, and submission by ORS staff.  The ORS is the only Main Campus organization with the authority to make binding commitments on behalf of the university with regard to sponsored research agreements.  See the Research Life Cycle site for further information.

For all general inquiries, please contact ORS at researchadmin@georgetown.edu, or reach out to individual ORS staff as required.

Please browse the different ORS teams below and reach out to any team members with research queries.

Senior Director

Jesse Szeto

Senior Director

+1 202-687-5597

Proposal Development

Dennis Blumenfield

Research Development Specialist

Proposal Development, McCourt School of Public Policy

+1 202-687-1984

Jill Brasky

Research Development Specialist

+1 202-687-3184

Pre-Award Services

Rocío Mariño-Crumley

Manager, Grants & Contract Team

+1 202-687-2475

Marie A. McElroy

Senior Grants and Contracts Administrator

Proposal Review: Non-Federal Awards

+1 202-687-3641

Ruel Hector R. Tiongson

Senior Grants and Contracts Administrator

Proposal Review: NSF
Award Review: Incoming & Outgoing Sub-awards and NSF

+1 202-687-8415

Lakshmi Arumugam

Senior Grants and Contracts Administrator


+1 202-687-0813 

Nikky Lewis

Senior Grants and Contracts Administrator


+1 202-687-8480

Blair Ribeiro

Senior Grants and Contracts Administrator


+1 202-687-5534

Data Management

Vivian Zhu

Grants and Contracts Data Specialist

+1 202-687-7345

Office Management

Lydia Soares

Administrative Program Assistant, Office Manager

+1 202-687-8498