The Office of Research Services (ORS)
  • Assures that all applications to government funding agencies and philanthropic funders (that require financial reporting) comply with the policies of the University as they relate to issues of:
    • - budgetary compliance;
    • - intellectual property;
    • - regulatory compliance;
  • Reviews the solicitation and funding announcement to verify that the proposal is compliant with the sponsor’s and the University’s guidelines; 
  • Is solely responsible for all parts of the submission process to government agencies and therefore should be the first point of contact;
  • Assists faculty in their applications to federal, state, and local government funding agencies, i.e., the non-philanthropic funders;
  • Assists in locating information for a particular program or sponsor;
  • Assists in the submission of electronic applications, almost always required by government agencies; (Please contact ORS as soon as possible to verify that the University is registered for electronic submission with the particular federal agency.  ORS will submit an electronic application for a faculty member).
  • Collaborates with the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations on philanthropic grants, most particularly ones to corporations and foundations that require a program report and/or a budget reconciliation and with proposals that may contain budgetary, intellectual property or research regulatory compliance issues.
The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations
  • Assists faculty with all steps of the proposal submission process to corporate, foundation and association sponsors; i.e., Philanthropic Funders, as they relate to:
    • - guideline requirements;
    • - prospect research;
    • - development of proposal (marketing);
    • - writing;
    •  - editing;
  • Is solely responsible for clearance to approach all corporations, foundations and associations, university-wide and therefore should be the first point of contact;
  • Manages proposal submissions for those philanthropies that restrict the number of proposals that may be received from an institution during the calendar or fiscal year; (Many accept multiple submissions. CFR works to increase the likelihood of success for all).
  • Has knowledge of pending major grants/gifts that may be jeopardized by an unsolicited proposal;
  • Identifies corporations and foundations for faculty and administrators that have interests in university programs and projects;
  • Assists with editing, budget preparation (in cooperation with ORS when appropriate, and other details of proposal submission); and
  • Establishes relationships with corporations and foundations in an effort to advance university goals.
The Collaboration: ORS, Office of Advancement, and Corporate and Foundation Relations
  • Work together to advance the goals of faculty and administrators in the arena of philanthropic grants/gifts from corporations and foundations;
  • Assist faculty in the proposal preparation process when an award may require the submission of a program report, a financial report or is subject to audit.  (Such an award will require an ORS account);
  • Refer faculty to one or the other office depending on the funding need. 
  • Identify the proper cost center at the time of award.