Transferring an Award

Sponsored program agreements are awarded to the institution and not to the individual. If you are transferring a sponsored agreement from another institution to Georgetown University or, if you are
leaving Georgetown University and intend to transfer a sponsored agreement to another institution, please contact the Office of Research Services (ORS) as soon as possible for assistance via email:

Remember when transferring a sponsored agreement to Georgetown:

  • The awardee (previous) institution must agree to relinquish the sponsored agreement before it can be transferred;
  • A new application must be submitted to the sponsor from Georgetown University that includes all GU applicable rates.

When transferring a sponsored agreement from Georgetown to a new institution:

  • Obtain approval of the Department Chair;
  • Notify the sponsor that the transfer is anticipated (ORS must sign this letter of notification);
  • File all technical reports;
  • Notify the Sponsored Programs Financial Operations (SPFO) office so that the financial reports can be prepared and unexpended balances or overdrafts can be handled appropriately;

ORS is available to assist with the transfer activities. Please contact ORS as early as possible if transferring to another institution.