Visiting Researcher Forms

Detailed application instructions available on the Application Procedures page.

Visiting Researcher Application Form (PDF)

To request an extension to your visit, click to download the Extension Request Form (PDF) (for current Visiting Researchers only)


While at Georgetown University, the employment classification is: Visiting Researcher. Most researchers stay anywhere from 6-12 months. Researchers may engage in this program for 4 years maximum.

This is a non-paid post, which means that NO PAYMENTS or BENEFITS can be made from Georgetown University to the Visiting Researcher.


The Visiting Researcher fee is $400 per semester, payable at the beginning of each semester. The Visiting Researcher is responsible for paying the fee unless the department explicitly indicates otherwise. Payment should be made with a cashier’s check in U.S. dollars (in the exact amount).


Visa paperwork for foreign citizens who are not Fulbright scholars is processed by the Office of Global Services. After non-U.S. Visiting Researchers receive their letter of acceptance, they should complete the “Scholar Portion” of the J-1 Scholar Request Form, and then submit the form (and the required documentation) to their host department or program. The department or program will complete the “Department Portion” of the form and forward the entire package to the Office of Global Services.

For more information, please see the J-1 Scholar Request Form.