Application Procedure for Visiting Researchers

The application process begins between the Visiting Researcher and the department or program with which the researcher desires to engage.

      List of Georgetown University departments / programs

Visiting Researcher applicants must provide the following application materials directly to the department or program:

  1. Visiting Researcher Application Form.
  2. A 1-page description of the research.
  3. A complete curriculum vitae (CV).
  4. Letters of recommendation (check with department or program for specific requirements).
  5. Graduate transcripts, if requested by the department.
  6. If the applicant is a graduate student doing dissertation research, a supporting letter from the student’s department Chair or Dean is also required.
  7. For international researchers needing J-1 visa status, J-1 Scholar Request Form with all supporting documents listed on the form:
    1. Date, city, and country of birth;
    2. Country of legal residence and country of citizenship;
    3. Dates of arrival in and departure from the United States;
    4. Source of funding while in this country;
    5. Names of any family members who will accompany the Researcher as well as their dates of birth, country of birth, legal residence and citizenship.

All information requested above must be provided to the department at least 6 weeks prior to the Visiting Researcher’s arrival on campus. However, a longer lead time is strongly recommended, particularly if you need a visa.

Requests for further general information about the Visiting Researcher Program should be directed to the department or program you want to visit.