Visiting Researchers Housing

Housing in the Washington, DC area is in high demand. The University does not provide housing accommodations for Visiting Researchers. Those wishing to obtain housing in the area should begin to make arrangements well in advance of their arrival. Researchers may visit Off-Campus Housing Resource Services for assistance in locating housing in the Washington area.

For international students, The International Student House provides accommodation and meals for longer periods of time. However, please note that all prospective guests must complete an application and undergo a screening process before being considered. As such, it is best to begin the solicitation process as early as possible in order to ensure room availability.

For graduate students on a budget or visiting for shorter periods of time, there is also the Hostelling International Washington, DC youth hostel, which is located in downtown DC just five blocks from the White House.

Lastly, rental/temporary housing information may also be found in the Rentals section of The Washington Post or the Classifieds section of The Washington Times.