Proposal Clearance Instructions

Procedures for Submitting Proposals

The Office of Sponsored Programs electronic proposal transmittal form must be completed and submitted. 

Campus Clearance Procedure for Proposals

Approvals of the individuals below must be obtained before the Office of Sponsored Programs can endorse a proposal on behalf of the University.

  • Principal Investigator
  • Department Chair
  • Relevant College Dean
  • Dr. James Reardon-Anderson, Senior Associate Dean, School of Foreign Service, (if PI is a School of Foreign Service faculty or member of a Programmatic Unit)
  • Dr. Richard J. Cronin, J.D., Associate Dean for Administration, Georgetown College, 7-4043 (if PI is a faculty in the College)
  • Dr. Chester Gillis, Dean, Georgetown College, 7-4259 (if PI is a faculty in the College)
  • Dr. Luc Wathieu, McDonough School of Business, 7-2783
  • Dr. Walter Rankin, School of Continuing Studies, 7-8700
  • Dr. Janet Mann, Vice Provost for Research, 7-1307

*When a PI is submitting a proposal to a corporation or foundation, he or she should contact the Office of Foundation Relations in the Office of Advancement at 7-5504 for clearance.

*If the proposal contains cost sharing, the proposal transmittal must be approved by the senior business manager of the relevant school.  The senior business managers are as follows:

  • Georgetown College – Richard J. Cronin, J.D., 7-4043
  • School of Foreign Service – Jennifer E. Long, 7-1473
  • Office of the Provost – Patrick J. Gordon, 7-0250
  • Graduate School – Sheila McMullan, 7-3514
  • School of Business – Linn Deavers, 7-3431
  • School of Continuing Studies – Laurie Jarema, 7-4524

After the relevant signatories have approved the proposal, it is routed to OSP for final review and signature.  OSP retains one full copy of the final proposal for the official University file.