Reviewing and Submitting a Proposal

Guidelines for Preparing and Submitting a Proposal

All proposals for external research funding by Main Campus faculty must be reviewed by the Grants and Contracts team of the Office of Research Services (ORS) prior to submission. To ensure comprehensive and high quality reviews, all proposal documents must be submitted in a timely fashion. Please see the Table of Roles and Responsibilities for reviewing and submitting a proposal

Proposal Submission Deadlines

In particular, researchers should comply with the following deadlines:

FIVE DAY RULE: all administrative components, including budgets, must be submitted at least five business days prior to the sponsor’s submission deadline; and

THREE DAY RULE: all technical/scientific components must be submitted at least three business days prior to the sponsor’s submission deadline.

Proposals that do not comply with these deadlines will be reviewed to the extent possible, but quality assurance and compliance with university and sponsor requirements cannot be guaranteed.  For additional information about Preparing a Proposal please visit here.

Note: NIH and other federal sponsors adhere strictly to submission deadlines.  An application is not considered submitted until it is certified error-free. The response time from and other portals can vary greatly depending on submission volume and NIH system status. Thus, it is imperative that applications be submitted well ahead of the submission deadline and that principal investigators make themselves available to ORS to correct application errors or warnings. 

Proposal Submission to ORS by the PI

Once the researcher or Principal Investigator (PI) has identified a sponsor and has developed a proposal and budget, the PI must route the proposal through GU Pass  to obtain the relevant University signatories (department chair, grants administrator, senior business manager, and relevant school dean) for review and clearance before the proposal is submitted to the sponsor. 

Proposal Review and Approval by the ORS Team

The Office of Research Services (ORS) will review and approve the proposal in GU Pass. Once the final review is complete ORS will electronically submit on behalf of the University when required by the sponsor. ORS is available to advise and assist in this process.

For any assistance with proposal review and submission, please contact the Team of Senior Grants and Contracts Administrators or email us at:

All Federal Proposals & Awards (except DoD & NSF)

Blair Ribeiro

Senior Grants and Contracts Administrator

DoD and Non-Federal Proposals (All Private and Non-Profit)

Marie McElroy

Senior Grants and Contracts Administrator

NSF Proposals & Awards  and all incoming sub-agreements with NSF funding only

Hector Tiongson

Senior Grants and Contracts Administrator

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