Rates, Facts and Figures

This page provides information that may prove useful in making proposal submissions.
Of course, the staff at the Office of Research Services are available to assist faculty at any point in this process.

Official Institution Name and Address

Georgetown University
Main Campus Office of Research Services
Box 571168
Washington, DC 20057-1168

Official Institution Business Officer

Jesse Szeto, Senior Director, Office of Research Services
(202) 687-5597
Fax: (202) 687-4555

Authorized University Proposal Signatories

Jesse Szeto, Senior Director, (202) 687-5597
Rocío Mariño-Crumley, Manager of Grants and Contracts Team, (202) 687-2475
Marie A. McElroy, Senior Grants and Contracts Administrator, (202) 687-3641
Rebecca Hawkins, Senior Grants and Contracts Administrator, (202) 687-5534
Ruel Hector R. Tiongson, Senior Grants and Contracts Administrator, (202) 687-8415
Lakshmi Arumugam, Senior Grants and Contracts Administrator, (202) 687-0813

Fringe Benefit Rates

The following fringe benefit rates are effective July 1, 2019 and should be included in all proposals.


Faculty and Staff (75%-100%), and Adjuncts (75%-100%)*


Post-Doctoral Fellows, Residents and Interns (Main, Medical and Law)


Faculty and Staff (50%-74%), and Adjuncts (50%-74%)


Part Time Faculty and Staff (1%-49%), Adjuncts (1%-49%) 


Students (Graduate and Undegraduate) (Academic Year and Summer months)

* Fringe Benefit rates for salaries between $125,001 and $205,000 are charged at the rate of 15.3%.  Fringe rates are no longer charged when an individual’s YTD pay reaches $205,000.  These limits are set by the University’s Human Resources Office and by the University’s Executive Committee and are subject to change.    

Indirect Cost Rates

Federal Grants

On Campus (Effective July 1, 2016 until amended)

  • Research – 55.50%
  • Instruction – 55%
  • Other Sponsored Activity – 40%

Off Campus (Effective July 1, 2016 until amended)

  • Adjacent Off-Campus Instruction (within commuting area of Washington, DC) – 42%
  • Remote Off-Campus Instruction (outside commuting area of Washington, DC) – 26%
  • Research –  26%
  • Other Sponsored Activity – 26%

Non-Federal Grants

  • Pharmaceutical Agreements – 30%*
  • Foundation and Corporation Agreements – 15%*

* When a sponsor has a published IDC rate, that rate will be adhered to. When the sponsor does not have a published rate, the University typically charges 30% for pharmaceutical agreements and 15% for foundation / other corporate agreements, although the University will accept the maximum rate that the sponsor is willing to allow. Please include any backup documentation as part of the proposal package.

This information effective immediately per the University’s Federally Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement (NICRA) dated June 10, 2019.

Application of Indirect Cost Rate

Calculate indirect cost by multiplying modified total direct cost by the appropriate indirect cost rate. Modified total direct cost is total direct cost minus the cost of the items below.

Alterations/Renovations to office or laboratory space
Equipment ($5,000 and over)
Human subjects incentive payments
Patient care
Participant costs
Rental of off-campus facilities
Student tuition
Subawards (amount above the first $25,000 of each subaward)

Equipment is defined as an article of non-expendable tangible personal property having a useful life of more than two years, and an acquisition cost of $5,000 or more.

Institutional ID Numbers
CAGE Number:  0UVA6
DUNS Number: 04-951-5844
IRS Employer Identification Number/TIN: 53-019-6603
NSF Organization Code:  0014456000
PHS Entity Number: 1-530196603-A1
Unemployment Insurance I.D. Number: 82-0885
CEC Number:  04-052-594B
Central Contractor Registration (CCR) TPIN Number:  1998C191469

North American Industry Classification Codes (NAICS)
541711 – Research and Development in Biotechnology
541712  – Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering and Life Sciences (except Biotechnology)
611310 – Colleges, Universities and Professional Schools
621512 – Diagnostic Imaging Centers

Assurance and Compliance Numbers
Civil Rights Compliance Number: NS 7204, Filed June 1971
Federal-Wide Assurance ID (FWA #):  FWA00001080; 2002
DHHS Cost Sharing Agmt. Date: December 7, 1984
PHS Animal Welfare Assurance Number: A3282-01
Misconduct in Science Latest Annual Report Date: January 25, 1994
FICE number: 001445

Cognizant Audit Agency (Current)
Director, Non-Federal Audits
Office of Inspector General
U.S. Department of Education
Wanamaker Building
100 Penn Square East, Suite 502
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone:  (215) 656-6900
Fax:  (215) 656-6397

Disclosure Statement Filing Information
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
Mr. Arif Karim
Branch Chief–Colleges & Universities, Hospitals and Nonprofit Organizations
Cohen Building, Room 1067
330 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20201
Date Disclosure Statement was filed: 03/12/2015

NIH Salary Cap
Beginning January 6, 2019, the National Institutes of Health’s salary limitation on grants, cooperative agreements, and contracts is $192,300.  For additional information, please refer to NOT-OD-17-087

This salary limitation is also applicable to Bureau of Health Professions (BHP) and Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) awards.

Cost Accounting Standards Board Disclosure Statement (CASB DS-2)
The University’s DS-2 disclosure statement regarding its cost accounting standards can be accessed at the Sponsored Programs Financial Office Sponsored Accounting Policy Guides webpage and is also linked directly here.  

Last updated on June 14, 2019.