Research Proposal Review

The Office of the Provost administers a number of Internal Grants for Georgetown faculty on the Main Campus. Applications for internal grants are reviewed by selected members of the Research Proposal Review Committee with relevant expertise.

In addition, some external agencies offer so-called “Limited Submission Opportunities”, or LSOs, to which the University can make only a limited number of submissions (often one).  The Office of the Provost, in collaboration, when appropriate, with the Dean for Research in the Medical Center, makes decisions on which initial pre-proposals from faculty move forward to the full proposal stage, for submission to the sponsor, on the basis of recommendations of the Research Proposal Review Committee.

Current members of the Research Proposal Review Committee are

Reviewer name Department
Tariq Ali Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service
Peter Armbruster Department of Biology
Evan Barba Communication, Culture, and Technology Program
Andrew Bickford Department of Anthropology
Marcus Board African American Studies Department
Dan Cao Department of Economics
David Caraballo Department of Mathematics and Statistics
John Currie Department of Physics
Anna De Fina Department of Italian
Irina Denischenko Department of Slavic Languages
Kevin Doak Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures
Katharine Donato Institute for the Study of International Migration
Brandon Dotson Department of Theology
Nada Eissa McCourt School of Public Policy
Christine Evans Department of Performing Arts
Haitao Fan Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Peter Folan Department of Theology
Matthew Hamilton  Department of Biology
Andrea Headley McCourt School of Public Policy
Bryce Huebner Department of Philosophy
Mark Huggett Department of Economics
Toshiko Ichiye Department of Chemistry
Anna Johnson Department of Psychology
Terrence Johnson Department of Theology
Kaveh Jorabchi Department of Chemistry
Balasubramanian Kalyanasundaram Department of Computer Science
Catherine Keesling Department of Classics
Marko Klasnja Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service
Erick Langer Department of History
Francisco Larubia-Prado Department of Spanish and Portuguese
John Mc Neill Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service
Charles Mc Nelis Department of Classics
Brian McCabe Department of Sociology
Emily Mendenhall Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service
James Millward Department of History
Fathali Moghaddam Department of Psychology
Abraham Newman Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service
Daniel Nexon Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service
Seth Perlow Department of English
Terry Pinkard Department of Philosophy
Alexandre Poirier Department of Economics
Jonathan Ray Department of Theology
Leslie Ries Department of Biology
Nicole Rizzuto Department of English
Adam Rothman Department of History
Marianna Ryshina-Pankova Department of German
Jordan Sand Department of History
Joseph Sassoon Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service
Elizabeth Saunders Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service
Nathan Schneider Department of Linguistics
Daniel Shore Department of English
Michael Slater Department of Theology
Jennifer Swift Department of Chemistry
Caitlin Talmadge Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service
Pierre Taminiaux Department of French
Edward Van Keuren Department of Physics
Muthuramakrishnan Venkitasubramaniam Department of Computer Science
Julia Watts Belser Department of Theology
Paul Young Department of French