Non-Competitive Grant in Aid

The Non-Competitive Grant in Aid program supports new and ongoing research costs for full-time members of the Main Campus teaching faculty (see eligibility). Applications for support will be accepted through June 30th as long as funds remain available for that fiscal year. Faculty may request no more than $300 per fiscal year.

ELIGIBILITY: All full-time teaching members of the Main Campus faculty, with the exception of those in the MSB, are eligible.

PURPOSES: Funds may be used for research materials, conference registration fees, costs for research assistance, and subventions for scholarly manuscripts. As the research needs of the faculty are various, requests for support for other research-related purposes also will be considered. Due to resource limitations, requests to cover or defray conference travel or accommodation cannot be considered.

APPLICATION: Faculty should send the following to (1) an updated Curriculum Vitae; (2) a short description of the research project or activity and how the funds would be utilized; and (3) GMS work tags for the departmental discretionary or research cost center into which the funds may be transferred if awarded.

Questions regarding the Non-Competitive Grant-in-Aid Program should be directed to

DEADLINE: Rolling July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020 until funds expended

SUBMISSION: Electronic submission via e-mail to