Georgetown Main Campus Research has adopted a lifecycle management approach to research administration. This means that teams within our office are organized to manage proposals from the beginning, or ‘pre-award,’ stage of a project through to the termination, or closeout, of an award. This comprehensive approach helps the teams to better understand the entire cycle of an award in all of its stages, rather than only gaining familiarity with one phase. Our website is organized by lifecycle phase from Finding Funding to Closing Out an Award.

Finding Funding Opportunities
  • Federal sources
  • Non-federal sources
  • Fellowships
  • Georgetown internal sources


Preparing a Proposal
  • Developing a proposal
  • Budget development
  • compliance information
  • Proposal completion checklists


magnifying glass
Reviewing & Submitting a Proposal
  • Internal reviews and approvals
  • Human subjects in research
  • Use of animals
  • Bioharzardous materials
  • Conflict of interest disclosure
  • Proposal clearance instructions


setting up icon
Setting up an Award
  • Award setup
  • Pre-award spending/advance account
  • Sub-award setup


Managing icon
Managing an Award
  • Expenditures
  • Budget/Expense Object Codes
  • Progress Reports
  • Billing
  • Amendments/Modifications
  • Effort Reporting


Closing an Award
  • Final reports and invoices
  • Closing an award
  • Re-allocating salary
  • Unallowable and unallocable costs