Tagliabue Research Award

The LGBTQ Center is pleased to partner with the Office of the Provost to offer the Tagliabue Research Award in support of LGBTQ, and sexuality/gender research for the academic year 2018-2019.

MISSION: The Tagliabue Endowment for LGBTQ Life was established in the Fall of 2012 under the direction of the LGBTQ Center located within the Division of Student Affairs. The endowment set up by Chan & Paul Tagliabue (current Vice-Chair, former Chair, Board of Directors, Georgetown University) is to ensure sustained support and growth for the initiatives of the LGBTQ Center.  Part of the vision for this endowment is to enhance and to deepen our understanding and knowledge of LGBTQ issues and histories, and to provide linkages between student experiences and academic life

We are excited to announce the third year of the faculty research award.  We request proposals from faculty, graduate students, and postdocs who are working on LGBTQ, queer, and gender and sexuality related questions in any discipline to apply for this award. There is ONE award in the amount of $2,000 each academic year. Those receiving the award will be asked to work with the LGBTQ Center to present on the project at the end of the year; and also attend a spring ceremony along with others as part of the Tagliabue Initiative celebration.


ELIGIBILITY:  All tenured, tenure-track and non-tenure line faculty with multi-year contracts are eligible. All full time graduate students enrolled at Georgetown are eligible, as well as full time post-doctoral scholars.  Graduate students and post-docs must also submit a one-page sponsor letter from their primary mentor. 

AWARD COMMITTEE: A committee of faculty will meet to consider applications. Accordingly, all are asked to make their proposals accessible to non-specialists by avoiding the use of technical language and clearly articulating the importance of their work.

PURPOSES: Acceptable use of funds include payment for research materials, support for travel connected with the performance of research, costs for research assistance, and subventions for scholarly manuscripts, if the subvention is a condition for publication and a letter from the publisher is provided. As the research needs of the faculty are various, other research related requests for support will also be considered. Due to resource limitations, requests for conference travel cannot be considered.

APPLICATION MATERIALS: The following will comprise the proposal application: the proposal, CV, and budget should each be sent in PDF format.

  • A proposal of no more than 1,000 words, not including references cited, in a 12-point legible font, 1-inch margins all around, paginated and outlining in specific and succinct detail the purposes to which the award will be put, e.g., requests for funding a research assistant should indicate the kinds of tasks to be performed. The proposal also should describe briefly how the award will contribute to the applicant’s proposed research and how the completion of this work will contribute to the applicant’s development as a scholar. (2-page maximum);
  • Curriculum Vitae in a 12-point legible font, 1-inch margins all around, outline form and ordered as follows: (1) education; (2) history of employment; (3) academic honors received; (4) bibliography of applicant’s publications or exhibitions; and (5) the source, time, and nature of any fellowships or grants received during the past five years. (3-page maximum);
  • A budget indicating the level of support requested: if support for more than one activity is desired, indicate how much money would be spent on each; if the award will cover only a portion of the research expenses, the applicant should indicate how the remaining portion would be covered. Applicants also should identify an appropriate cost center into which funds for approved applications may be transferred. (1-page maximum). Please be sure there is some justification for expenses included in your budget.

Failure to follow the required formatting and/or word and page limits will render the application ineligible for review.

Once the competition results are announced, the LGBTQ Center will process and confirm the transfer of funds via e-mail with the faculty member and departmental administrative officer.


1. Please submit all application materials via email to Sivagami Subbaraman: sivagami.subbaraman@georgetown.edu.

2. Please use the following naming conventions for the Application materials:  Last Name proposal.pdf; Last Name cv.pdf; Last name budget.pdf

3. Grad and Postdocs: please submit a letter from your mentor. 

Questions regarding the Tagliabue Research Award should be directed to Sivagami Subbaraman, Special Assistant to the VPSA & Director, LGBTQ Resource center sivagami.subbaraman@georgetown.edu.  

DEADLINE: [Currently Closed]