“Slow Productivity” a new book by Professor Cal Newport

“The true productivity poison in the modern workplace or educational environment are the quick checks of unrelated sources of information that create that persistent state of divided attention,” says Cal Newport, an associate professor in the College of Arts & Sciences and a New York Times bestselling author. “This not only reduces our cognitive capacity but is also exhausting. Both our work and our mental health suffer.”

To evade these distractions, the New Yorker contributor, researcher and podcast host proposes blocking off time to work without any “quick checks.” And in his new book, Slow Productivity, he proposes a philosophy to produce more meaningful, better quality work in a way that’s sustainable long-term. 

“Slow productivity highlights a way forward in which you can sidestep the demands of an always-on hustle culture, and yet still find pride and meaning in your professional efforts,” he said. 

The advice can also be applied to students, he says, to avoid burnout and exhaustion and make college more meaningful.

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