Pilot Research Project Grant

The Pilot Research Project Grant program is intended to provide faculty with resources that will allow them to engage in research related activities directly connected to the submission of a proposal (or proposals) for external research support. Grants will take the form of a payment of $20,000 to a cost center authorized by the grantee and the department chair/program director. Awards will be transferred after July 1st of the year in which the award is made for use during the summer or academic year. A maximum of three awards will be available per fiscal year.

ELIGIBILITY: All full-time teaching members of the Main Campus faculty, with the exception of those in the MSB, are eligible.

PURPOSES: Proposals may be submitted for research or project-related activities (illustrative, not exhaustive) including: the generation of pilot data, the collection and preliminary analysis of research materials, or travel for collaborative activities with colleagues at other institutions.

CRITERIA: Applications will be evaluated according to the importance of the research proposed, the feasibility of the work plan, the strength of the connection between the work proposed and the submission of the external application, the contribution of the prospective extramural funding to the strengthening of Georgetown’s research achievements, and the research record of the principal investigator. A subcommittee of the Internal Grant Review Committee will meet to consider applications. Accordingly, faculty are required to make their proposals accessible to non-specialists by avoiding the use of technical language and clearly articulating the importance of their work.

APPLICATION: The following will comprise the proposal application with each component uploaded in PDF format. Any other materials submitted will not be accepted.

  • A proposal of no more than 2,000 words in length in a 12-point legible font, 1-inch margins all around, paginated and outlining in specific and succinct detail the purpose for the award, indication of how the proposed research will contribute to the scholarly achievements of the investigator and the relevant academic unit(s) of the university, and detailed plans (including specific sponsors and timetables) for the submission of external proposals (4-page maximum);
  • Budget detailing how the award will be utilized and a cost center number into which funds may be transferred (1-page maximum);
  • Curriculum Vitae in outline form and ordered as follows: (1) education;(2) history of employment; (3) academic honors received; (4) bibliography of applicant’s publications or exhibitions; and (5) the source, time, and nature of any fellowships or grants received during the past five years. (3-page maximum);
  • The department chair, program director, or dean (next highest administrative authority) must indicate (in GU-PASS) whether or not they support the proposal and any cost sharing proposed by the below deadline;

Failure to follow the required formatting and/or word and page limits will render the application ineligible for review.

Questions regarding the Pilot Research Project Grant Program should be directed to internalgrants@georgetown.edu

DEADLINE: January 31, 2021

Final grant decision: February 28, 2021

SUBMISSION: Electronic submission via GU-PASS

Enter your Georgetown University Net ID and password to log-in GU-PASS and then select the “New Internal Grant Request” button.  You will be required to complete the application and upload all materials required as per the program guidelines.  Chairs and other reviewers will be notified by e-mail to review internal grants for approval. 

Read our detailed instructions for creating an internal grant request in GU-PASS.

If you have any problems accessing or using GU-PASS please request help by sending an email message to help@georgetown.edu, calling ext. 7-4949 on campus, or calling (202) 687-4949 if off campus.  For additional information or to provide feedback, please e-mail uis-rt@georgetown.edu.